Fellowship Series: Obstetrics

By: Stephen Merrell, MD

I am so grateful for the Family Medicine Obstetrical Fellowship at the University of Utah. This year-long, intense training from maternal-fetal medicine specialists to obstetricians and other OB fellowship-trained family doctors gave me the confidence I needed to continue providing obstetrical care after residency.

The need for a cesarean section can arise in a matter of minutes, and I can offer my patients that surgery without having to transfer care. My patients have greatly appreciated this, and my partners have too. I practice with seven other family physicians who all do obstetrical care and I provide much of their surgical backup. I also feel more confident in knowing when to refer patients, a critical skill for any family physician.

I continue to enjoy excellent, collegial relationships with those who trained me and our respect for each other’s disciplines has increased. This is how healthcare is supposed to work! I highly recommend the University of Utah Family Medicine Obstetrical Fellowship to any family physician looking for additional training in this rewarding area of medicine.

Stephen Merrell, MD, practices full-spectrum Family Medicine at the IHC Bountiful Clinic.

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