Just Get the Evaluation

By: Katherine Fortenberry, PhD My daughter was a beautiful, happy, chubby baby – who couldn’t sit independently until 10 months. Or crawl until 11 months. And didn’t have any words yet at 12 months. I’d taken enough child development classes to know that she wasn’t hitting the milestones. But when my daughter’s doctor encouraged me … Continue reading Just Get the Evaluation

Excellent Care, Kind Words, & Loving Support . . . ” Teen Fights to Keep Her Beating Heart

This story was shared with us by Maddy's aunt, who works in the Division of Family Medicine. It can be found in it's entirety at: http://www.primarychildrenshospitalblog.org/teen-fights-keep-beating-heart/  Written by Sarah, Maddy’s Mom It was supposed to be just another swim practice. The next thing we knew, Maddy was rushed to Primary Children’s Hospital in an ambulance. … Continue reading Excellent Care, Kind Words, & Loving Support . . . ” Teen Fights to Keep Her Beating Heart


There was never any question in my mind that I would breastfeed my children.  Not only did it seem to be logically the most natural and nutritive way to feed them, I looked forward to experiencing the profound bonding experience that was promised, the deep satisfaction of knowing that my body produced everything my baby … Continue reading Breastfeeding

How Many Calories Are There in a Pound?

By Ted Paisley, MD How many calories are there in a pound? This seemingly simple question stumped me on my family medicine board recertification exam seven years ago, twice. I think they asked it in two different ways, and I hoped they were experimental questions that didn’t count. I looked it up later that day … Continue reading How Many Calories Are There in a Pound?

Why (not) Family Medicine? – Michael Magill, MD

Why (not) Family Medicine? is a series of posts from health care thought leaders, both inside and outside of Family Medicine. These will be posted every Friday. The participants were asked to focus on whatever they wanted in response to this question. We are glad that so many of these impressive leaders were willing to … Continue reading Why (not) Family Medicine? – Michael Magill, MD

Kids These Days

By Brian Hill, MD I recently spent a month on my inpatient pediatrics rotation.  As I had heard innumerable times, adult medicine and pediatric medicine are very different animals.  So, as an intern having only one month of prior inpatient pediatrics exposure (as a third year medical student), new information, diagnoses, and experiences came at … Continue reading Kids These Days