Finding consistency in the midst of constant change 

By: Anna Holman Two of the major challenges of being a Family Medicine resident is the wide scope of medicine we learn and the variety of environments in which we train. As an intern or first-year resident, the work can be hard because it seems like we change gears every month. Bouncing from Pediatrics to … Continue reading Finding consistency in the midst of constant change 

For a Moment

By: Kristin Sandoval Preceding my elective experience I was asked to write down a couple of learning goals to expound upon after as a reflective assessment of my experience.  I approached this task as if it were a typical medical student requirement in that I chose topics that were of interest, but could also be researched … Continue reading For a Moment

Inheriting the Opiate Crisis

By: Bryan Hendrickson As a profession, we are beginning to grasp the severity and reality of the opiate epidemic. Many of us were recently born into this era as new providers, or find ourselves suddenly responsible for helping patients identified under the lens of this new understanding, that opiate medications cause harm. Talking with new … Continue reading Inheriting the Opiate Crisis

Residency in Paradise? How do I sign up?

By: Benjamin Brown, MD When I was applying for residency in January 2016, I came across a peculiar program that gave its residents an opportunity to travel abroad for a culture and language immersion rotation. At the time, I had been diligently attempting to learn Spanish. No matter what I tried (apps like DuoLingo and … Continue reading Residency in Paradise? How do I sign up?

Doctors’ Day 2018

By: Karly Ann Pippitt, MD, FAAFP March 30 is National Doctor’s Day. Appropriately over the years, this has morphed into a day to thank all the health care providers on a team, for medicine has truly become a team effort. For all those clinicians out there, on this day, I want you to think about … Continue reading Doctors’ Day 2018


Contributor: Kyle Bradford Jones Previously published on University of Utah Health Accelerate in December 2017 Balancing uncertainty, fear, and emotions isn’t easy — especially in health care. Family practice physician Kyle Bradford Jones looks outside of his practice to identify two common biases that affect how we behave in the face of perceived risk. His … Continue reading HOW TO AVOID TWO COMMON BIASES