Everyone is Welcome Here

By: Jose Rodriguez, MD Never in my life would I have dreamed to be this fortunate. Previously, I have blogged about gratitude, about how this amazing unbelievable life I live has put me in contact with heroes—patients who have survived and overcome unspeakable horrors to live among us in Salt Lake City. I am grateful for … Continue reading Everyone is Welcome Here

Just Get the Evaluation

By: Katherine Fortenberry, PhD My daughter was a beautiful, happy, chubby baby – who couldn’t sit independently until 10 months. Or crawl until 11 months. And didn’t have any words yet at 12 months. I’d taken enough child development classes to know that she wasn’t hitting the milestones. But when my daughter’s doctor encouraged me … Continue reading Just Get the Evaluation

It’s more than luck: Learning from Imposter Syndrome

By: Anna Holman, MD When people ask me what I do for work and hear that I'm a family medicine resident, they often follow-up with “So, are you a doctor?” My answer is usually “Technically, yes...” I still feel a little odd introducing myself as a doctor. I can’t quite own it, despite years of working … Continue reading It’s more than luck: Learning from Imposter Syndrome

Don’t ask “what is wrong with you.” Ask “what happened to you.”

By: Bernadette Kiraly, MD She had resettled in Utah from Africa as a refugee, fleeing a horrific past where she witnessed her husband's murdered and she was beaten by soldiers. I prepared myself for the onslaught of pain complaints with the unreasonable expectation that I was going to fix it for her. I knew her … Continue reading Don’t ask “what is wrong with you.” Ask “what happened to you.”


By: Jose Rodriguez, MD I have had many blessings in my life—my wife (top of the list), her family, my family, and our family. We have not always had the blessing to live close to family, which means that our vacation time is used almost exclusively to visit family in Ecuador, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Our … Continue reading Servication

Doctoring in Parallel

By: Lindsey Yanke, MD Before my husband and I started dating, he had decided he would never date a medical student. “Too similar,” he said. However, looking back over our time together in medical school, our two years apart while I finished medical school and he went off to residency, and our time in residency, we … Continue reading Doctoring in Parallel