Why Utah?

Tibble FOrk Reservoir
Photo by Colby Thomas on Unsplash

Our Intern Residents were recently asked the question, “Why Utah?” Below are the responses from our Madsen Clinic Interns…

Cox, ChinaChina Cox:

My couples match partner, Justin, and I really wanted to live somewhere new for a while, and residency provided a great time-limited opportunity to do just that. Neither of us had to compromise on program quality at the University of Utah (which definitely wasn’t the case at every institution for Family Medicine and Radiology), and we both loved the change of scenery from beaches to mountains. Residents and faculty I met on interview day seemed genuine, smart, kind, and unpretentious, and I felt like I would be happy working with and for them.

Fredman, ZacharyZachary Fredman: 

I upgraded from flat, icy Minnesota to the blustery mountains of Utah. I am excited to work at 5 different hospitals and visit the Big 5 national parks. I will buy a new dress shirt and a new harness. I am going to improve my central line placement during the week and learn how to shred moguls on the weekend. I will study a patients’ EKGs and the best route up a rock face. My mornings will be spent rounding on patients and the afternoons hiking around the trails.

Vanier, CatherineCatherine Vanier:

I am originally Canadian but my family recently moved to Salt Lake. Having just had a baby, my husband and I felt it was important to be near family for support during residency. I am also so excited to have the chance to enjoy the amazing outdoors Utah has to offer.

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