Doctoring in Parallel

By: Lindsey Yanke, MD Before my husband and I started dating, he had decided he would never date a medical student. “Too similar,” he said. However, looking back over our time together in medical school, our two years apart while I finished medical school and he went off to residency, and our time in residency, we … Continue reading Doctoring in Parallel

How am I DO-ing in an MD Residency Program?

By: Catherine Vanier, DO In the last year of medical school, all medical students are faced with important decisions about where they would like to complete their residency. For osteopathic students, one key element of this decision is to what extent do they want to be a minority within their program. I am an osteopathic … Continue reading How am I DO-ing in an MD Residency Program?

Expanding the Possibilities of Health

By: Susan Terry, MD When I was the Executive Medical Director of the University Health Care Community Clinics, I received waves of requests for an urgent care center at our new (at the time) South Jordan Health Center. When medically urgent care was needed after 7:00 PM, or on weekends, our patients went to the … Continue reading Expanding the Possibilities of Health

It’s Not Burnout Revised

By: Briana Rueda, DO Physician burnout is a term that is thrown around all too often now in the world of medicine.  In fact, I can’t seem to open an email or medical journal without being bombarded by articles on physician burnout.  To be completely honest, I disagree with using the term “burnout.”  To me, the … Continue reading It’s Not Burnout Revised

Why I’m Optimistic About the Future of Primary Care

Previously published on Click HERE to see the original article. While shadowing me, a premedical student noticed that I entered the lot number of an IUD into my charting. "Why do you have to waste time entering that?" she asked. "Don't you think that IUDs should come with QR codes that can be easily … Continue reading Why I’m Optimistic About the Future of Primary Care

Healthcare Leadership

By: Sonja Van Hala, MD, MPH; Susan Cochella, MD, MPH; Rachel Jaggi, MA; Caren J. Frost, PhD, MPH; Bernadette Kiraly, MD; Susan Pohl, MD; and Lisa Gren, PhD Below is an excerpt from a previously published article on STFM Journals. Click HERE for the entire article and research results. Physicians in all disciplines are called … Continue reading Healthcare Leadership