Tender Points Review

by Britt Hultgren, MD The following is an excerpt from Dr. Hultgren’s review of Tender Points, a personal account of life with Fibromyalgia. The book was published by Timeless Infinite Light in 2015. Dr. Hultgren’s full review of Tender Points can be found at Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine. The author deftly uses form … More Tender Points Review

Becoming an Expert

by Jared B. Smith, MD In many trades and skills the difference between a beginner and expert is often in the details. For example, I am an avid golfer and the difference between having the golf ball go exactly where I aim and splashing it in the pond is a matter of inches in how … More Becoming an Expert

The other side of the interview chair: an intern’s perspective

by Kaley Capitano, DO The holidays. A joyous time full of spirit-lifting decorations, delicious seasonal treats, and opening day at the ski resorts. It’s generally a time filled with celebration and family, but for one subset of medical students it’s the most stressful time of the year: interview season. As fourth year medical students we … More The other side of the interview chair: an intern’s perspective

Why I’m Doing an Addiction Medicine Fellowship

*Note: This post was written in June 2019, just prior to Dr. Caspar’s graduation from the University of Utah. As I prepare to graduate from the University of Utah Family Medicine Residency today, I am looking forward to my upcoming year completing an Addiction Medicine fellowship. One of the things that most excites me about … More Why I’m Doing an Addiction Medicine Fellowship

The Case for Universal Health Care

Universal health care works. That isn’t a radical or unsupported statement. Dozens of countries throughout the world have implemented systems to provide medical treatment to even the poorest of their citizens. In countries where universal health care exists, it is popular across the political spectrum. Consider this: the lie that British Conservatives told the United … More The Case for Universal Health Care