Whole Person Health

by Mauli Dalal, MD In family medicine, we are in a unique position to take care of someone’s whole health. This may mean different things to everyone. This could mean listening to someone’s life story and holding  space for them. This could mean asking directed questions to assess someone’s lifestyle. This could mean just being … More Whole Person Health


by Will Schott, MD I want to talk about S – E – X. Maybe that means the birds and the bees, maybe it means condoms, maybe it means pronouns or maybe it means emergency contraception but I want to talk about these things with the people who want—or more likely need—to hear about them. … More Sexucation

Holding Space

by Lisa Weaver, MD As a family medicine physician, I have the privilege of getting to know my patients across different moments in their lives. Sometimes these patients are establishing care with a primary care physician for the first time in their adult lives and have multiple concerns. I have found that in many of … More Holding Space