A Physician Assistant in a Family Medicine Residency

Kiersten 2 by Kiersten Swindle


My name is Kiersten Swindle. I am a Family Medicine Physician Assistant at the University of Utah’s Sugarhouse and Madsen clinics. I am frequently asked what it is like to work in a learning institution surrounded by students and residents.  My typical response is, “I love it!”  I can’t think of a more ideal environment to practice as a young PA. At the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics, I have the opportunity to develop my career, improve my knowledge base, teach others and most importantly, provide optimal care to my patients.

As part of a residency program, I have the exceptional opportunity to learn and work with medical residents preparing themselves to be the next generation of physicians. I feel like I am exposed to the cutting edge of medicine. As medical providers we discuss the most recent medical research, latest medications, and up-to-date treatments. The thing I most value as a part of this program is the opportunity to work as a team. We are a group of attending physicians, medical residents, medical students, and physician assistants equipped with a wide spectrum of education and training. This allows all of us to be both students and teachers.

As a PA, I have the opportunity to see a variety of patients. Most of the time, I feel confident with my ability to assess, diagnose, and treat these patients. When I am faced with the occasional complex patient, I have multiple resources to lean on within the clinic, from attending physicians and residents to fellows and students. As part of this team, I also bring a unique knowledge base and skillset to the clinic, which I am glad and eager to share with others. It is exciting to work with a group of professionals who are both anxious to learn and willing to teach.

Although we have providers at many different levels in our clinic, I feel we work in harmony to provide the best possible medical care to our patients.

Kiersten Swindle, PA-C is a practicing Physician Assistant in Family Medicine at the University of Utah.

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