By: Noah Zucker, MD Having high expectations of myself has been part of the reason I have found success in my young medical career, and also part of the reason I have found myself struggling at times throughout this journey. To set high expectations is to aspire to be better than average -to prove to … More Expectations

25 x 2030

By: Karly Pippitt, MD, FAAFP 25 x 2030 – To match 25% of medical school graduates into family medicine by 2030; more than double the current rate. This is the ambitious goal of eight national and international family medicine organizations that are launching the America Needs More Family Doctors: 25×2030 Collaborative. The United States is … More 25 x 2030

Dear Everyone

By: Sara Walker, MD Dear Everyone, On Sunday, January 27, our residency family tragically lost one of our own, Dr. Sarah Hawley. We are still reeling from shock and devastation, as Sarah brightened the lives of everyone around her. I only met her last June during residency orientation but cannot fathom not having her in … More Dear Everyone


By: Jose Rodriguez, MD I have had many blessings in my life—my wife (top of the list), her family, my family, and our family. We have not always had the blessing to live close to family, which means that our vacation time is used almost exclusively to visit family in Ecuador, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Our … More Servication

The Finest Example

By: Susan Cochella, MD, MPH Footprints of an Inspired Leader Sonja Van Hala is stepping down as our Residency Program Director, leaving us better for her time in the role. While she isn’t perfect, she was effective in some unique ways. What insights can we glean from her unique brand of effectiveness? Respect is a … More The Finest Example

I Believe There’s No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance

By: Katherine Fortenberry, PhD Previously published June 7, 2013, on the CFHA Blog I believe there’s no such thing as work-life balance. I think this every morning when I leave for work, watching my two-year-old son press his face against the front window and wave at me as I back down the driveway. It comes … More I Believe There’s No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance