Residency in Paradise? How do I sign up?

By: Benjamin Brown, MD When I was applying for residency in January 2016, I came across a peculiar program that gave its residents an opportunity to travel abroad for a culture and language immersion rotation. At the time, I had been diligently attempting to learn Spanish. No matter what I tried (apps like DuoLingo and … Continue reading Residency in Paradise? How do I sign up?

Connecting with Patients Despite Barriers

┬áby Tobi Thaller Residency is hard. Sometimes, it is really, really hard. So when you have a meaningful interaction with a patient, it reminds you why you are putting yourself through all of this. And it is priceless. That was the type of experience I had with Juana. At her first appointment with me, I … Continue reading Connecting with Patients Despite Barriers