By: Jose Rodriguez, MD I have had many blessings in my life—my wife (top of the list), her family, my family, and our family. We have not always had the blessing to live close to family, which means that our vacation time is used almost exclusively to visit family in Ecuador, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Our … Continue reading Servication

Residency in Paradise? How do I sign up?

By: Benjamin Brown, MD When I was applying for residency in January 2016, I came across a peculiar program that gave its residents an opportunity to travel abroad for a culture and language immersion rotation. At the time, I had been diligently attempting to learn Spanish. No matter what I tried (apps like DuoLingo and … Continue reading Residency in Paradise? How do I sign up?

Connecting with Patients Despite Barriers

 by Tobi Thaller Residency is hard. Sometimes, it is really, really hard. So when you have a meaningful interaction with a patient, it reminds you why you are putting yourself through all of this. And it is priceless. That was the type of experience I had with Juana. At her first appointment with me, I … Continue reading Connecting with Patients Despite Barriers