End of life care is primary care

By: Rebecca Curran I have always felt that end of life care fits perfectly into the realm of family medicine and all primary care. This is not only because dying is part of life for every single one of us, but also because caring for someone at the end of life is an entirely patient- … Continue reading End of life care is primary care

The Weight of the Soul

By Tobi Thaller, MD I stood at Jack’s bedside along with his wife and two friends as life support was withdrawn. He was 52 years old and had married his wife just 7 months earlier. After years of living on the street, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, he had managed to stay clean for … Continue reading The Weight of the Soul

Role Reversal

By Jake Whetzel, MD I think there were a lot of things that pointed me towards medicine initially. This included provider role models, family members with illness, and a love for understanding how the body functions and reacts to its environment. The most significant influence was a specific role model, my main primary care provider … Continue reading Role Reversal

At Home with Hospice

By Anna Stomberg, MD Brainstorming on what captivating topic I could share with the “family medicine blog” I went through a number of ideas, such as “what would truly express what being a family medicine physician meant to me?"  I wanted something earth-shattering, gripping, a story of rushing in to do emergent CPR, but… when … Continue reading At Home with Hospice