Vulnerability in Leadership

  By Sonja Van Hala, MD, MPH, FAAFP I was young and inexperienced, and knew it, but also had a sense of adventure. I don’t think I knew what it meant to serve as residency program director. I was only a few years out of residency. And I definitely didn’t know how to supervise faculty, … Continue reading Vulnerability in Leadership

Taking Flight: Five Lessons from Fifth Graders

By Rebecca Currier Curran, MD, PhD   On May 16, 1994, on the football field of a public middle school in rural Louisiana, a one-person airplane lifted off the ground to the cheers of the fifth graders who had built it.   The plane lifted only a few feet into the air, but it was enough. … Continue reading Taking Flight: Five Lessons from Fifth Graders

Am I on an Effective Quality Improvement Team?

By Susan Pohl, MD Many of us fondly remember the smart, independent physicians portrayed in American television dramas. Dr. Marcus Welby (Marcus Welby, MD), Dr. Hawkeye Pierce (M.A.S.H.) and Dr. Gregory House (House) all seem to be independent spirits who frequently puzzle their partners with their personality and bristle at teamwork. They seem to work … Continue reading Am I on an Effective Quality Improvement Team?

Be Nice

By Karly Pippitt, MD This is dedicated to my parents, who always taught me to be nice.   As a child, my mother’s parting words to me were almost always, “Be nice.” While I may not have always followed that advice to the best of my ability as a teenager, it is a phrase I … Continue reading Be Nice