Don’t ask “what is wrong with you.” Ask “what happened to you.”

By: Bernadette Kiraly, MD She had resettled in Utah from Africa as a refugee, fleeing a horrific past where she witnessed her husband's murdered and she was beaten by soldiers. I prepared myself for the onslaught of pain complaints with the unreasonable expectation that I was going to fix it for her. I knew her … Continue reading Don’t ask “what is wrong with you.” Ask “what happened to you.”

Thank you goes a long way

By: Jose Rodriguez, MD I have now been in Salt Lake City practicing for almost one year. Although it took me a long time to do it, I am pleased to say that I love it here more than before and look forward to a summer that was at least as amazing as this past … Continue reading Thank you goes a long way

Refugee Experience

By Patricia Avelar I was shadowing Dr. Kirby as he conducted a refugee screening with a woman from Somali and two of her small children.  As he asked the woman general questions about her and her children’s health, she explained through an interpreter that she had three other children in addition to the two present … Continue reading Refugee Experience