Gangnam Style and Quality Improvement

By: Benjamin Brown MD, MPH Our residency program is filled with assignments and projects that run alongside our demanding clinical responsibilities. One of these ongoing curricular components is that each year, the third-year residents lead a quality improvement project. These projects focus on improving health and well-being in our patients at the Madsen Health Center … More Gangnam Style and Quality Improvement

Am I on an Effective Quality Improvement Team?

By Susan Pohl, MD Many of us fondly remember the smart, independent physicians portrayed in American television dramas. Dr. Marcus Welby (Marcus Welby, MD), Dr. Hawkeye Pierce (M.A.S.H.) and Dr. Gregory House (House) all seem to be independent spirits who frequently puzzle their partners with their personality and bristle at teamwork. They seem to work … More Am I on an Effective Quality Improvement Team?