What Helps Me Manage Depression

By Rachel Caspar, MD My first responsibility as a physician is to take care of myself. I cannot care for my patients until my own needs are met.  After experiencing depression as a medical student, I now recognize burnout as a life and death issue. I use a number of practices to prevent recurrence by … Continue reading What Helps Me Manage Depression

Moving from Illness to Wellness

By Jessica Jones, MD Many people, mental health professionals and patients alike, are curious about the growing movement of lifestyle interventions promoting brain wellness.  There is growing scientific data on how behaviors like mediation, exercise, nutrition, and even time spent outdoors benefit mental health and increase resilience to stressors.  The traditional interventions of psychiatric medication … Continue reading Moving from Illness to Wellness

Transparency in Mental Health

   By Katie Fortenberry, Ph.D "I don't need meds," the young psychology major told me confidently. "Or therapy really. Maybe I'll just touch base with you every once in a while. I should be able to handle this on my own." The young woman's physician had been concerned enough in a recent visit about this … Continue reading Transparency in Mental Health