How Efficient Is U.S. Healthcare Really?

By: Kyle Jones, MD, FAAFPOriginally published on in October 2018 One of the few people who may actually understand how all the myriad pieces of the U.S. healthcare system work together is Stanford University healthcare economist Victor Fuchs, PhD. In a recently published article in JAMA, he explored how inefficiently the U.S. system operates. He concluded that our nation’s micro-efficiency, or … More How Efficient Is U.S. Healthcare Really?

Intern Wellness

By Bryan Hendrickson, MD About a year ago, before starting my own intern year, I came across a blog post from our program director, Dr. Van Hala, “Tenets for Internship and Beyond“. A new year is well on its way, but I encourage anyone beginning this journey to take a moment to read her words … More Intern Wellness