Fit but unhealthy: A reflection on overtraining

By: Jason Lippman, MD The motto of “exercise as medicine” has become a common phrase due to the progressing epidemics of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pain that have ties to diet and body habitus. I prescribe it multiple times a day to my patients and I try to take a daily dose myself. But … Continue reading Fit but unhealthy: A reflection on overtraining

Confession of a Health Obsession

By Briana Rueda, DO I always prided myself on being a “health freak”.  I received my bachelor degree in nutrition, ran marathons and competed in bodybuilding competitions.  I read nothing but health magazines and self-help books on lifestyle medicine.   I ate, slept, and breathed every day in a never-ending, never satisfied, effort to be the … Continue reading Confession of a Health Obsession

Moving from Illness to Wellness

By Jessica Jones, MD Many people, mental health professionals and patients alike, are curious about the growing movement of lifestyle interventions promoting brain wellness.  There is growing scientific data on how behaviors like mediation, exercise, nutrition, and even time spent outdoors benefit mental health and increase resilience to stressors.  The traditional interventions of psychiatric medication … Continue reading Moving from Illness to Wellness

How Many Calories Are There in a Pound?

By Ted Paisley, MD How many calories are there in a pound? This seemingly simple question stumped me on my family medicine board recertification exam seven years ago, twice. I think they asked it in two different ways, and I hoped they were experimental questions that didn’t count. I looked it up later that day … Continue reading How Many Calories Are There in a Pound?

Smart Enjoyable Eating

By Bryan Hendrickson, MD, MS, MSHM Today, I would like to showcase one of our interdisciplinary programs to help patients make healthy lifestyle changes to manage weight.  Our “Smart Enjoyable Eating”, or SEE program is co-led by a nutritionist, a clinical psychologist, and a family medicine physician resident at each visit.  The focus is on … Continue reading Smart Enjoyable Eating

Can technology make us healthier?

Graphic from   In the past few weeks Pokemon Go has been making headlines as a top trending game. I first heard about the app in this Gizmodo article, looking for some chuckles about all the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) people were getting from (accidentally?) exercising while playing the game. While there are certainly … Continue reading Can technology make us healthier?