By: Peter V. Sundwall Jr. Every small community has a unique but similar cast of characters. Our small Southern Utah town was no different. From a young boy’s perspective, the cops and docs were feared but cautiously idolized, the mayor was respected, the athletic coaches were immortalized, and of course, we had the homeless man … Continue reading Stu

Thank you goes a long way

By: Jose Rodriguez, MD I have now been in Salt Lake City practicing for almost one year. Although it took me a long time to do it, I am pleased to say that I love it here more than before and look forward to a summer that was at least as amazing as this past … Continue reading Thank you goes a long way

Empathy: The Best Kind of Medicine

Here I sit, in our closet of an ICU workroom, my left leg is locked straight in a rather cumbersome brace. ACL surgery was 3 weeks ago and I’m struggling to work the 12 hour days while fully participating in the rehab process. My husband still has to help me put my compression socks on … Continue reading Empathy: The Best Kind of Medicine

Do as I say, not as I do? Discussing lifestyle change in the doctor’s office

By: Jason Lippman, MD, With the overwhelming health burden caused by the Western diet and way of living, lifestyle counseling has become one of the most important roles of a primary care provider. Each doctor likely has his or her own approach to the topic. One approach might be to stand strongly behind the facts … Continue reading Do as I say, not as I do? Discussing lifestyle change in the doctor’s office

Big Experiences Through Small Means

By: China Cox As residents, we spend a good amount of time talking about our hospital ward experience at the small community hospital that serves as our primary residency home. The place has its quirks including the people, processes, semi paper charting, an urban patient population, etc (+/- ghosts). As much as it drives us … Continue reading Big Experiences Through Small Means

Role Reversal

By Jake Whetzel, MD I think there were a lot of things that pointed me towards medicine initially. This included provider role models, family members with illness, and a love for understanding how the body functions and reacts to its environment. The most significant influence was a specific role model, my main primary care provider … Continue reading Role Reversal