What Helps Me Manage Depression

By Rachel Caspar, MD My first responsibility as a physician is to take care of myself. I cannot care for my patients until my own needs are met.  After experiencing depression as a medical student, I now recognize burnout as a life and death issue. I use a number of practices to prevent recurrence by … Continue reading What Helps Me Manage Depression

Choosing Gratitude

By Kara Frame, MD I don’t remember the exact lecture or rotation, but somewhere along the course of my medical school education, I was taught this powerful lesson: a person is capable of changing how she thinks.  Of course, people have natural tendencies- leaning more positive or tending toward a more pessimistic outlook- but to … Continue reading Choosing Gratitude

Living while Sleep Deprived

By Katie Fortenberry, PhD I’m just coming out of two years of sleep deprivation. Due to some sleep apnea issues (hopefully finally resolved), my now two-year-old daughter slept like a newborn until this summer. Which means, like the mom of a newborn, I was up every three hours at night for the last two years. … Continue reading Living while Sleep Deprived

How Can Family Physicians Turn Back the Rising Suicide Rate?

By Kyle Jones, MD This was originally published on the American Academy of Family Physician’s Fresh Perspectives Blog  As both a physician and someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I have been alarmed by what appears to be a dramatic rise in mental illness in our country. With this in mind, I was extremely saddened … Continue reading How Can Family Physicians Turn Back the Rising Suicide Rate?

Transparency in Mental Health

   By Katie Fortenberry, Ph.D "I don't need meds," the young psychology major told me confidently. "Or therapy really. Maybe I'll just touch base with you every once in a while. I should be able to handle this on my own." The young woman's physician had been concerned enough in a recent visit about this … Continue reading Transparency in Mental Health

A Physician’s Story of Mental Illness

 by Kyle Bradford Jones Note: This post originally appeared on the AAFP's Fresh Perspectives blog, as well as KevinMD. Pamela Wible, MD, a family physician who is an expert in physician suicide prevention, recently asked other physicians why so many in the profession kill themselves. The answers were plentiful, tragic and not at all surprising. One physician … Continue reading A Physician’s Story of Mental Illness