It’s Not Burnout Revised

By: Briana Rueda, DO Physician burnout is a term that is thrown around all too often now in the world of medicine.  In fact, I can’t seem to open an email or medical journal without being bombarded by articles on physician burnout.  To be completely honest, I disagree with using the term “burnout.”  To me, the … Continue reading It’s Not Burnout Revised

Scaling the Unscalable? To Scale Up Health Care, Scale Up the Role of the Physician

By: Kyle Jones, MD Originally published on OP-(m)ED The United States economy has evolved into one centered on scalability. Scalability signifies the ability to increase performance and efficiency under increasing workloads. In general, scalability implies creativity, idea creation, expertise in broad areas, allowing for the exportation of much non-scalable work/professions. Non-scalable models entail the opposite — an … Continue reading Scaling the Unscalable? To Scale Up Health Care, Scale Up the Role of the Physician

Wellness is Professionalism

By Katie Fortenberry, PhD A resident suffering from depression drinks too much and sleeps through a hospital shift the next morning. Another resident walks out of a patient room in the midst of a panic attack. As family medicine educators, how do we best handle these health concerns in our residents? The pendulum in medical … Continue reading Wellness is Professionalism

What Helps Me Manage Depression

By Rachel Caspar, MD My first responsibility as a physician is to take care of myself. I cannot care for my patients until my own needs are met.  After experiencing depression as a medical student, I now recognize burnout as a life and death issue. I use a number of practices to prevent recurrence by … Continue reading What Helps Me Manage Depression

Creative Arts Journals

By Jose Rodriguez, MD Like many of the residents, medical students and faculty at the University of Utah School of Medicine, I too am new to the area (sort of).  I left Utah in 1993, after completing my BA in Latin American Studies at Brigham Young University, for medical school at Cornell, in New York … Continue reading Creative Arts Journals

Physician Wellness and Resilience

By Amy Locke Burnout is a popular topic of discussion among health care professionals, but preventing it often eludes us.  While burnout is common in many professions, it is particularly present in healthcare.  It is estimated that about half of all physicians in the United States suffer from burnout with numbers rising rapidly.  Burnout is … Continue reading Physician Wellness and Resilience