Moving from Illness to Wellness

By Jessica Jones, MD Many people, mental health professionals and patients alike, are curious about the growing movement of lifestyle interventions promoting brain wellness.  There is growing scientific data on how behaviors like mediation, exercise, nutrition, and even time spent outdoors benefit mental health and increase resilience to stressors.  The traditional interventions of psychiatric medication … More Moving from Illness to Wellness

Just Do It

By Brian Hill, MD I have a big interest in Sports Medicine, and I was recently chatting with someone who is involved in the field.  We had a brief discussion on the topic of doping in athletics.  This is an intriguing but unfortunate topic.  It has been a part of sports for years and is … More Just Do It


There was never any question in my mind that I would breastfeed my children.  Not only did it seem to be logically the most natural and nutritive way to feed them, I looked forward to experiencing the profound bonding experience that was promised, the deep satisfaction of knowing that my body produced everything my baby … More Breastfeeding

Smart Enjoyable Eating

By Bryan Hendrickson, MD, MS, MSHM Today, I would like to showcase one of our interdisciplinary programs to help patients make healthy lifestyle changes to manage weight.  Our “Smart Enjoyable Eating”, or SEE program is co-led by a nutritionist, a clinical psychologist, and a family medicine physician resident at each visit.  The focus is on … More Smart Enjoyable Eating