25 x 2030

By: Karly Pippitt, MD, FAAFP 25 x 2030 – To match 25% of medical school graduates into family medicine by 2030; more than double the current rate. This is the ambitious goal of eight national and international family medicine organizations that are launching the America Needs More Family Doctors: 25×2030 Collaborative. The United States is … More 25 x 2030

How Efficient Is U.S. Healthcare Really?

By: Kyle Jones, MD, FAAFPOriginally published on opmed.doximity.com in October 2018 One of the few people who may actually understand how all the myriad pieces of the U.S. healthcare system work together is Stanford University healthcare economist Victor Fuchs, PhD. In a recently published article in JAMA, he explored how inefficiently the U.S. system operates. He concluded that our nation’s micro-efficiency, or … More How Efficient Is U.S. Healthcare Really?

Behind the Scenes

By: Kristen Steiner All growing up, I knew being in the medical field was not my greater life calling. As a 26-year-old woman shots and needles still cause me to panic and pass out, I can’t watch war movies because the idea of body parts and blood is too much for me, and even visiting … More Behind the Scenes

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

To clarify the intentionally click-bait title (and also rivetingly poetic phrase by the distinguished lyricist/rapper Big Daddy Kane): the definition of pimping in the medical field is different than the colloquial usage by artists like Jay-Z, Snoop, and Kendrick Lamar. Although most people are aware of pimping in the vernacular language (which will not be … More Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy