Inappropriate Behavior by Patients and Their Families—Call It Out

Originally posted on JAMA Network, November 2018. To read the full article and more, click HERE. By: Amy Nicole Cowan, MD, MS1,2 Recently, I was the hospital attending physician on service when the team admitted an elderly patient. Despite the obvious end-of-life status, the family wanted everything done to keep the patient alive. They made … More Inappropriate Behavior by Patients and Their Families—Call It Out

Gangnam Style and Quality Improvement

By: Benjamin Brown MD, MPH Our residency program is filled with assignments and projects that run alongside our demanding clinical responsibilities. One of these ongoing curricular components is that each year, the third-year residents lead a quality improvement project. These projects focus on improving health and well-being in our patients at the Madsen Health Center … More Gangnam Style and Quality Improvement


By: Jose Rodriguez, MD I have had many blessings in my life—my wife (top of the list), her family, my family, and our family. We have not always had the blessing to live close to family, which means that our vacation time is used almost exclusively to visit family in Ecuador, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Our … More Servication


By: Peter V. Sundwall Jr. Every small community has a unique but similar cast of characters. Our small Southern Utah town was no different. From a young boy’s perspective, the cops and docs were feared but cautiously idolized, the mayor was respected, the athletic coaches were immortalized, and of course, we had the homeless man … More Stu