Our pets’ lives and deaths… and how each can inform and transform our own lives

By: Osman N. Sanyer, MD We had to put our eleven-year-old family dog to rest this week. Bella, who was apparently well and healthy two weeks prior, had stopped eating and became obviously ill a few days ago. When tests revealed that she was riddled with cancer, the choice to reduce her suffering, while painful, … Continue reading Our pets’ lives and deaths… and how each can inform and transform our own lives

Doctoring in Parallel

By: Lindsey Yanke, MD Before my husband and I started dating, he had decided he would never date a medical student. “Too similar,” he said. However, looking back over our time together in medical school, our two years apart while I finished medical school and he went off to residency, and our time in residency, we … Continue reading Doctoring in Parallel

Personal Nutrition Life Hacks

By: Susan Pohl, MD, FAAFP My opening confession is going to be easy to accept.  I am not an expert in nutrition.  I do not have a degree in nutrition, I did not study at a culinary academy, and I don’t have a nutrition business to promote.  Personal nutrition, however, is a topic that reveals … Continue reading Personal Nutrition Life Hacks

Fit but unhealthy: A reflection on overtraining

By: Jason Lippman, MD The motto of “exercise as medicine” has become a common phrase due to the progressing epidemics of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pain that have ties to diet and body habitus. I prescribe it multiple times a day to my patients and I try to take a daily dose myself. But … Continue reading Fit but unhealthy: A reflection on overtraining

It’s Not Burnout Revised

By: Briana Rueda, DO Physician burnout is a term that is thrown around all too often now in the world of medicine.  In fact, I can’t seem to open an email or medical journal without being bombarded by articles on physician burnout.  To be completely honest, I disagree with using the term “burnout.”  To me, the … Continue reading It’s Not Burnout Revised

Tending to Transition

By: Sonja Van Hala, MD, MPH, FAAFP As I embark on a new era in my professional life, I am giving attention to how to transition. Over the last twelve years as residency program director, I worked alongside remarkable and dedicated faculty and residents. I am immensely grateful for all I learned from them. Now, as … Continue reading Tending to Transition