Just Get the Evaluation

By: Katherine Fortenberry, PhD My daughter was a beautiful, happy, chubby baby – who couldn’t sit independently until 10 months. Or crawl until 11 months. And didn’t have any words yet at 12 months. I’d taken enough child development classes to know that she wasn’t hitting the milestones. But when my daughter’s doctor encouraged me … Continue reading Just Get the Evaluation

It’s Not Burnout Revised

By: Briana Rueda, DO Physician burnout is a term that is thrown around all too often now in the world of medicine.  In fact, I can’t seem to open an email or medical journal without being bombarded by articles on physician burnout.  To be completely honest, I disagree with using the term “burnout.”  To me, the … Continue reading It’s Not Burnout Revised

End of life care is primary care

By: Rebecca Curran I have always felt that end of life care fits perfectly into the realm of family medicine and all primary care. This is not only because dying is part of life for every single one of us, but also because caring for someone at the end of life is an entirely patient- … Continue reading End of life care is primary care

The Stroke, the Process, the Interview

By: Rachel Goossen, MD Two years ago, I received an email from my close friend, Kerri, to let me know that her husband, Dave, had had a pontine hemorrhagic stroke and was in the ICU at a hospital in our hometown of San Jose. Other than a bad headache just minutes before, there were no … Continue reading The Stroke, the Process, the Interview

This Post is About Guns

  I narrowly missed the Trolley Square shootings. I had been buying wrapping paper for gifts. I walked out the doorway of the mall not one hour before the shooter walked in. I was really pregnant at the time, able to waddle more than walk, and I certainly could not have run. I was really … Continue reading This Post is About Guns

Bring Health Back into Medicine, One Meal at a Time

By Amy Locke, MD, FAAFP I think a lot about food.  I think about what to make, where to go to get a great meal, and who might enjoy it with me.  I get pleasure from looking through cookbooks and making shopping lists. The first thing I do when I am traveling is head to … Continue reading Bring Health Back into Medicine, One Meal at a Time