Remembering William

by Britt Hultgren, MD From Perspectives, Britt Hultgren, BA, Remembering William, 379:24, 2293-2295. Copyright © 2018 Massachusetts Medical Society. Reprinted with permission. Dr. Hultgren was born in Minnesota and raised primarily in Missouri. He holds undergraduate degrees in Philosophy & Religion and Business (emphasis on Organizational Behavior) at Truman State University and a medical degree … More Remembering William

Saying Goodbye

by Joe Novak, MD A huge paradigm shift when transitioning from medical school to residency (especially residency in a primary care specialty) is being assigned a patient panel. In medical school, I only saw patients who “belonged” to another provider. If we ordered labs or images, I almost never saw the results. I never received … More Saying Goodbye

Everyone Wins When Osteopathic Physicians are Valued and Supported

by Kaley Capitano, DO The last few months of residency are a joyous time in medical education. The culmination of 7-10 years of post-graduate training, sitting on the precipice of full independence and promises of financial healing. As I walked into the examination room of a patient I’ve been managing regularly since my intern year, … More Everyone Wins When Osteopathic Physicians are Valued and Supported