Why I’m Doing an Addiction Medicine Fellowship

*Note: This post was written in June 2019, just prior to Dr. Caspar’s graduation from the University of Utah. As I prepare to graduate from the University of Utah Family Medicine Residency today, I am looking forward to my upcoming year completing an Addiction Medicine fellowship. One of the things that most excites me about … More Why I’m Doing an Addiction Medicine Fellowship

The Case for Universal Health Care

Universal health care works. That isn’t a radical or unsupported statement. Dozens of countries throughout the world have implemented systems to provide medical treatment to even the poorest of their citizens. In countries where universal health care exists, it is popular across the political spectrum. Consider this: the lie that British Conservatives told the United … More The Case for Universal Health Care

See You Soon!

We will be taking a temporary break from posting on the Family Medicine Residency blog until November 1. This time period will serve as a time to revamp the blog and improve our message and content. Thank you for your continual support and we look forward to coming back in full force on November 1!

Rose, Thorn, Bud

By: Sonja Van Hala, MD, MPH, FAAFPDedicated to Garon Coriz, MD, UUFMRP Class of 2016, who touched us with his bright smile and big heart. “Rose, thorn, bud!” my daughter exclaimed as we were a few bites into our meal. “I want to go first!” my son declared. We know that eating together is good … More Rose, Thorn, Bud

Doctors Need Help Too

By: Rachel Goossen, MD In May 2019, headlines of a study out of University of Michigan hit the lay media: “New Doctors’ DNA Ages 6 Times Faster Than Normal in First Year.”  Using DNA samples submitted by medical residents across the country, the Intern Health Study measured telomere length before and after residents completed their … More Doctors Need Help Too